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We The Developers @ El Socorro Road Runner Ranch

Let's Se Who we are:

We are a couple with a strong passion for Baja, I am Italian but also almost a US citizen, and my wife is from Brazil. We say that because we know how it is beeing a foreigner in Mexico, people try to take advantage of you, and for that my vife took the Mexican Permanent Resident status.

We Hope You Love Baja As Much As We Do, BUT

We would be very happy to say just nice things about Mexican people, but is not the case. We love Baja but we can't say the same about Mexican people, please watch out for Mexican people in general, the average person here is very nice but most of the time after a while you find out they are not that nice, we have great mexican friends but just be aware that 90% of them are just waiting for an opportunity to scam people or steal from you.

We put this part first because we wanted to make sure you red it.

In Playa El Socorro we will do our best to make you happy here and our gool is the one of building a first class development and a friendly community of people that want to live a nice life and want to take advantage of the beauty of this blessed land that is Baja.

Whether you are an experienced Baja traveller, or you are new to this area of San Quintin and El Rosario, you will notice that they are both within 16 miles of our development Playa El Socorro, this area is considered the nicest of baja North. Undubitably it is full of breathtaking natural resources just to mention one: the volcanoes at the San Quintin Bay, the richest sport fishing area between Vancouver and Los Cabos, large native species of unique birds for all those birdwatcher aficionados, get close to sea lions in La Lobera, take a whale watching tour, scuba dive or surf on the best waves this side of the Pacific.

And remember, in Mexico, you’re not always among friends. Do not trust anybody...

Fabio & Alicia

We apologize if the website is not complitely done but, we are working on it, please visit the entire web site to have suggestions on what is the best way to make yourself happy here. We will have more and more resources, ranging not only from our master plan and basic covenants conditions and restrictions, building resources will be also available, also nearby hospitals and special points of interest around us, like list of available doctors and more.

Give us a call if you have any question.

Phone # FROM MEXICO: 664 352 1847

Phone # FROM USA: +52 664 352 1847


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