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How To Get To Road Runner Ranch El Socorro

TAKE either one the I-5, or the I-805 and head south, both freeways will get you to the U.S.-MEXICO border crossing.

Upon entering Mexico, look for signs and take the road to "Playas De Tijuana". Before you get there you'll find signs for "Rosarito / Ensenada Scenic Route" and to get to Ensenada will take about one hour and is give or take 60 miles.

After the third and final toll-gate in Ensenada, head South to Downtown Ensenada, until you hit Hwy Mex-1.

Head South toward “San Quintin”, or until the road markers read Km 197.

Mex-1 becomes San Quintin's main road. Once outside San Quintin, head South toward “El Rosario”. for 16 miles. Bear in mind that the road markers will reset to begin marking Km 1. Go to Km 25.

On Km 25 there is a large billboard indicating the entrance to Playa del Socorro. Turn right.

Total miles: 210 miles

We give you the coordinates but we can also explain how to get here, more likely coming from north.

I assume you will be coming from north going southbound from Ensenada on the Carretera Transpeninsular Higway 1

Road Runner Ranch El Socorro coordinates

Lazaro Cardenas (where the Federales have a police station) is km 0, then is 24 kilometer going south, (around 15 Miles) as a matter of fact you will find the sign of km 24 on your left hand side, right after you will find El Socorrito o Socorro it is called both ways.

Our development is located before the bridge on the arroyo El Socorro. The bridge is kind of big you will see it, you don't have to pass that bridge, so before you pass it, you see El Socorrito, you make a right and keep going for about half a mile and on your left you find a white wall and that is the entrance of Rancho los Coyotes, (see the picture below)

then keep going about 600 feet until you have to go either right or left and you make a right. Keep going a quarter mile and you see a block wall on your left enter the place and you are at Road Runner Ranch. There is on the first lot a house under construction...

If for some reasons you get lost, or you can't make it, this is my phone number: call me and I will figure out how to rescue you. Mine is a Mexican phone # and is 664 352 1847 (+52 add this before the # if you call from a Usa phone)

On a GPS you can use the coordinates on the picture if that is easier for you.

Looking forward to see you Here

Give us a call if you have any question.

Phone # FROM MEXICO: 664 352 1847

Phone # FROM USA: +52 664 352 1847


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