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El Socorro Immigration Requirements To Visit Us

Prior to entering Mexico, while still in the USA there are a few things that you need to make yourself aware of and procure.

Depending upon the time that you plan to spend in Mexico. For 72 Hours or less, no Tourist card is required.

Lots of people travel for more than 72 hours just with their driver license and if for some reason the Mexican autorities ask them how long they have been in Mexico, they just say they came the day before and avoid any paperwork. Lots of people use this method, we are not suggesting it, we just say a lot of people do it and nothing happens. If you visit our area El Socorro, you can say that because we are just 4 hours from the border, it is hard to claim you just came if you are in La Paz.

If you want to visit El Socorro and you don't want to have limits on the 72 hours time, you may be interested in the following information:



Visiting from the CA Border, heading south to the Baja peninsula only south to Ensenada. For 72 Hours or less, no Tourist card is required yet, it is a good idea to carry if you have one of the following: a passport, passport card, birthcertificate. Always carry your Drivers License.


From the California Border south only to Ensenada must carry a Tourist Card or Visa.


Present valid passports, certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship (72 hours or less you don't do anything)

-Types Of Tourist Cards or Visas-

A) Single-Entry: South of Ensenada good for 90 days (they go by dates and expire if not used withing 90 days)

B) Multiple-Entry South of Ensenada good for 180 days

* these cards require 2 frontal Photos, Available in the USA from the Mexican Consulat or Mexican Government Tourism Office.

* Airlines and Travel Agencies will provide tourist Cards for clients

* Available at the same Locations listed prior for the Single-Entry. Applying for Tourist Card Must Have a Valid Passport or Card or Birth certificate from your Birthplace.

Whatever validation you obtain it must accompany you on your trip. Wallet size Naturalization Cards are Not Accepted

Canadian citizens must have valid passport or birth certificate. Citizens of other countries should contact nearest Mexican Consulate for information

Car Insurance

In order to drive a car in Mexico the law requires that the car has to be insured by a Mexican insurance

Insurance Available @: AAA Members US or canadian citizens

Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services Main office:

223 Via de San Ysidro, San Ysidro CA.92073 open 24/7

Call Toll Free within CA. 800 345 4702 rest of Usa 800 638 0999

Also at the office building of the Mexican Immigration Authorities. At any border crossing into Mexico.


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