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El Socorro Restrictions Conditions and Limitations

In order to have a sustentable, friendly, clean, enjoyable and nice development, Road Runner Ranch community of El Socorro, implemented reasonable basic restrictions and conditions both for visitors as well as for residents.

The following basic restrictions and limitations will be enforced by the developers for the sake of homeowners: following paragraph will analyze:

  • House Construction Restrictions
  • Building Timeframe
  • Pets
  • Proper Behavior
  • Utilities


Each 5200 SF of land or one lot limits the construction to one single family residence. The architecture, exterior, sitting and landscape will not be restrained and can express any style of contemporary or traditional architecture.

One single story or two allowed but houses will not be higher than 18 feet over street level.

Exterior of all homes should be painted Off-White or beige only

There is no minimum living area but a maximum of 2,000 square feet with full baths and including kitchen and garage.

Fences should be built in a nice manner, wood, rocks, or chain link fence, but not exceeding 5ft high.

Driveways and/or car parking must be of a minimum 15 feet setback from house and sidewalk, a minimum of 6 feet setback on opposite side, and a minimum of 7 feet setback away from south or north lot boundaries.

Any kind of house or Motorhome is welcome but not limited to rely on water provided by the development and is allowed to build an underground water storage tank (cistern) of 50 gallons minimum capacity to a max of 1250 gallons and the cistern should be placed underground or not made visible and be covered by a wall. In case the reservoir is set up underground the escavation is not supposed to be less than five feet away from the property boundary. You are allowed to buy water from any vendor (pipa) of your choice.

A ‘grease and hair sewage trap’ to be installed after the firs six months of living in the property at sewage discharge box.

For house construction, the buyer will not have to get the developer permission to build but any help and assistance will be offered to the buyer for hiring qualified workers.


Houses shall be finished within a 24 month period after starting construction, there is no deadline to start your construction.


No domestic animals other than a reasonable number of generally recognized house pets shall be maintained on any private or common area, and the use of the common areas by pets, should be restricted by the owners thereof so as to preclude any disturbance of the use and enjoyment of the common areas by the members.

All dogs shall be on a leash in the control of a responsible adult while using streets and common areas. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets.


There shall be no unruly behavior in the private or common areas which could constitute a threat to the health and safety of others or which unreasonably constitutes a threat to the comfort of others.


For example, but without limitations, the use of musical instruments, entertainment systems, motorcycles, tools and other noise making or odor producing devices shall no to be such as to interfere with the quiet and peacefully enjoyment of Road Runner Ranch by its members.


Water fees are same as those determined by the Ensenada City Water Company fees, starting a minimum of 2,000 gallons monthly or part thereof. (Current fees: 2 penny per gallon). Garbage collection, private security, public lighting and landscaping fees shall be established upon purchase.


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