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Privacy Policy Road Runner Ranch

The information gathered from our web page will not be disclosed, made public, or shared, according to the cinfidenciality policies that are going to be explained on detail as follow.

The information stored in our data base, as well as the personal information the user volontarily enter to our web page, like the one in the registration for the newsletter or that info like publicity inside the single messages, issues and publications. That info for instance that may include names, age, sex, email address, education level, city where people live, state, zip code, and etc, that the user can change and cancel any time, will be exclusively for the use of and the Mexican corporation "5 Star Baja" that is owner of the development, object of this web site.

How we are going to use the infromation

The information sent by visitors of the web page is confidential and will be used go give a personalized service and attention according to the client needs, in this case the pubblicity offered on the page that we can consider of interest for the visitor. Visitor that is accepting to share with us the personal info at the time of filling out the form for register, and soliciting the registration consenting the use of the data being the visitor the one indicating the desire to receive our publicity, events, discounts and etc.

Cookies Are Not The Ones You Can Eat!

Our web site (like 99 % of sites) uses cookies. They are strings of code generated from the server (the computer that has stored the web site) at the time the user visits the page, the server then stores the cookies in the user's computer. What kind of info is recorded when you connect? The database records the date and time you visit our page, the content you were interested on visiting and for how long you visited a specific menu. The server and the user exchange also security and encripted elements, this security features makes sure that other visitors can't access what you were interested in visiting and also makes sure that parts of the site and restricted info not ment for a specific user don't fall on the wrong hands.

Either for the user as well as for us, we need this information in order to offer a better service and improve the appearence of the page and to give the user a better navigating experience, and also to make it more pleasent and appealing to the visitors.

The user can deactivate the cookies in his/her computer, can't guarantee the webpage will function properly.


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